So the fine tuner on my D string is not working correctly. The piece of metal that the fine-tuning-screw presses down on and raises is not making proper contact with the tuning screw. If the screw is down all of the way the piece of metal and saddle will stay depressed by it. However, if i start to unscrew the screw, the saddle and piece of metal shoots up. How can i correct this so that these pieces make proper contact? The only way i could think of would be to change the position of the saddle but that would knock out the intonation. Help please, thank you.
I would first take a look at the machining of the screw and the saddle it rests on to make sure they are not damaged. From there you can try replacing the string, and possibly the 2 parts in question. Can you take a pic as well?
got it actually it wasnt the string or the pieces the saddle was just sitting really far forward, so i backed it up enough to make proper contact and its better than before, thanks for the response.