I know theres not one. But what's the colosest one's gonna get without going TriAxis..

Studio Pre? Quad?
These go to eleven...
The Mesa Quad is very similar to the Mark IV. The Studio Pre is nice, but not as good and not as versatile as the Quad.
Would you say a Quad, with the right power amp would be more versatile than a MKIV?
These go to eleven...
I prefer the Quad over the Mark IV, but that's just me. It has better cleans and can get just as heavy, smooth, liquid-y, punchy, etc. as the Mark IV. The Quad is actually modelled after the Mark IIC+ and Mark III, so there's a wide range of tonal possibilities. Pair the Quad up with a nice tube power amp you're set.
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^^ How much does the Quad usually go for? It is worth it to get for $500?

I've seen them go from $400 on up... So $500 isnt to bad if its in good shape.
The Studio Pre is more like a Mark II drive wise. They are a great preamp. I had one for a little bit. Kind of sad to be off with it.

I say the Quad is what you're looking for though.
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