So me and my friend are playing all the music at church this sunday, the only thing is, we dont know any songs at all for church. He plays acoustic guitar and I play bass

what are some good songs to play for church?
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umm, listen to some praise and worship and then figure out what you like. thats about it
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Heart of Worship - Matt Redman

That's a well-known song and has been covered multiple times, if I remember anymore off the top of my head, I'll get back to you. How is the worship? Traditional or more liberal? If traditional, break out some hymn books... If liberal, just check out some Praise/Worship sections in a music site.
Play the entire "Christ Illusion" Slayer album from beginning to end on a loop.

EDIT: in all seriousness, Proto-Kaw is an amazing Christian band. Cover some of their stuff.
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anything slayer. or just make up your' own all you need to do is have love and jesus in there. or maybe that faith plus one song "I get on my knees for jesus"
You should search for some tunes on youtube. If you're looking for more modern upbeat church songs I would recommend trying "Trading My Sorrows" and "Shout to the Lord" (among others that I don't remember the names of). If you're going for a slower, more laid back and traditional church songs...well I don't really know any names, but there are plenty that you would easily recognize.
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Koyaanisqatsi by Phillip Glass
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TS,play some Dragonforce.The Christians at my school love Herman Ri.
maybe download some duvall and try that. it's the band josh caterer of the smoking popes made after becoming a christian. i've never listened to them myself, but i love his voice and songwriting so.

i'm a fan of the song "the summons" too. not a christian rock song or anything. but i like it.

except when y'all sing it, don't sound like you have a parking cone shoved up your ass. kthx.
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no one has said I cum blood yet? my pastor loves that song!

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