I am making a band, and I am the guitarist, I have a bassist (who just started to play but is commited to learning) and a really good singer!! The thing is I do not know any drummer!! and I want to find one so bad. What is the best way to finding one. I want to start recording but I know the drummer is very vital to my music. HELPP!!!!!!!!!!
you could use drum loops temporarily
hire a drum machine

or just look for a drummer, its not like we can magically help you on that issue.
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Hang around music stores.

Use your area's craigslist.

Ask anybody you know if there's a drummer available.

Offer sacrifices to the rock gods because one of the hardest things to find is a drummer.


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Place ads on websites, go to rehearsal places and check the musician ads there. And BaffAttack, I think good bassists are impossible to find
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Place ads on websites, go to rehearsal places and check the musician ads there. And BaffAttack, I think good bassists are impossible to find

Around here, it's both, really. All the good ones are in bands.


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Download a program called Hydrogen. It's a free, open-source drum program with its own built-in mixer. Use it to program your drum tracks (provided that you understand how drums function in a band situation - a lot of guitar players don't).

Then, use those drum tracks to record your guitar, bass and vocals around.

Burn a CD of those recordings.

Pass it around, using it both to promote your band and look for a drummer.

Have fun!
if you've played in a good number of bands before, it's no problem, you can just ask any of those drummers if they're interested and have time, so go and jam with a lot of bands, if you play well, you've now got those people within reach, and most of the effort of finding them is done by the people who put those bands together.. just don't immediately ask if the drummer of the band you're jamming with is interested, it will seem like you came to jam just to get in touch with that drummer..
it's a thing that takes a little bit of time, like a seed you plant, it will sprout

also, definitely place an add, on the net, in a studio // rehearsal studio (fastest one) or in any music store you happen to be, it might take some time, but people will respond, and you're now sure they want to be in your band and are going to do their very best on auditions

a much faster way is to go to a bar where people like to jam, or something like an open-stage-night, and when there's a drummer on stage, and an open spot for a guitarist, go and unleash your creativity there, when you notice he or she liked the set, tell him or her about the band, and make an appointment for a jam in the context of your band

and yeah it helps a lot if you record something to programmed drum tracks, so potential drummers you've found have an idea of what to expect

or you just check the adds and ask friends or teachers, as mentioned before

as a last note, i strongly recommend you to find multiple drummers, and choose the best from a set of auditions..
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I have to say this the most help I've received!! This is awesome !! Give me some awesome idea !!
wow we are on the same search, try askin ur guitar teacher (or a guitar teacher) if he knows a drummer or a drumm teacher, call the drumm teacher, hes bound to kno someone, or advertise in local newspaper, internet go to the town hall and put up ads, advertise in music shops and/or even give the shop ur phone number and askem to distribute it to drummers who walk into the shop, put up fliers at bus stops near the music shop and where u live, thats bound to work (we have done half of these things but still havent got one lol)

-and u can put up fliers in ur school and other schools (if u still go to school, lol)
Hang around seedy bars and dark allyways at night, that's a drummer's natural habitat.

Seriously though, just use a drum machine for the moment and advertise and ask around in the meantime, you'll get one eventualy.
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