Y'all know what time it is? Yes, I started a little late this year (Santa, for Christmas I would like a calendar) but it's here nonetheless.

Once again, the outline/rules:
Ten categories in which I shall rank top 10/15/20/etc of whatever fits that category. The results come from none other than you the voter. Easy enough, you send me via PM or email a list of your personal top 10 from each said category, and I tally. I decided, by reason of general confusion, to strike the "ballad" category and just throw everything in to "song." Also a new category, suggested by a loyal voter, the all shiny "Riffs".

Now to clear up the confusion that always strikes. This is call the Hard Rock Survey for a simple reason: no two people can decide on what the hell "metal" is. Problem i've faced though is that certain elitist consider "hard rock" and "metal" to be two completely divisible entities. Hence a name change was in order. Either way you categorize it, the eligible artists remains practically the same. As far back as Cream, as recent as you care. Now last year I allowed Pink Floyd, which I am now retracting (great band, but unfortuantely not heavy.)
If you are confused about this or any of the rules, feel free to drop me a line and I will try to clear it up. If you are unsure about a certain artist, do the same.

So without further ado:

Greatest Guitarists

Greatest Bassists

Greatest Drummers

Greatest Keyboardists

Greatest Vocalists

Greatest Songs

Greatest Albums

Greatest Live Albums

Greatest Cover Songs

Greatest Guitar Riffs

Last year's results

Voting will end sometime in May, or possibly June, but no set date as of yet.
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