mdma makes you feel smart. example:

To lay among the pasture
Amid the steaming piles of animal feces
And still enjoy its grass
And still love the creatures
Whose excretions surround you
Is either an act of God
Or a drug
Or both

What I mean by an act of God
Of course, is an event in nature
Which is always triggered
By some reaction of science
Fully explained
In the text books I never read
With good reason
For I can no longer stand to be right

What I mean by a drug
Of course, is fairly self-explanatory
They make you warm and swarm
And chill and thrill
And sometimes maybe perhaps kill
But not me, I pick them smartly
Research, ask, read, try a little
Try a little more, then some more, pretty soon

I know too much again
About the substances I use to quell
Fun is surprise
In my mind it now dies
Too many tries in too tiny time
And I cannot cry
For these chemical compounds dry
The water which majorly runs me

Why then do I smile among the pig ****?
Why do I laugh and never break down?
It's nearly impossible to destroy the
Nearly decomposed
Matter and energy are never destroyed
Time is discontinuous
Science tells me oh so clearly
That nothing will ever be clear

At least not the way I want it to be
Slightly opaque glass would do it for me
So I could still have some mystery
But it will never occur
Knowing this with certitude
Allows me to be kindly rude
And pick them apart and be so shrewd
To rest and stroke the fur

Of a beast just like me
Who knows nothing of his origin
And by now cares not
As long as meaning is still sought