I have a silverburst agile AL-2800 Les Paul with upgraded electronics. I put a Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4) in the bridge and a GFS '59 in the neck. The 3 way, pots, wiring, and tone cap have all been replaced. There are a few scuff marks here and there but nothing bad. I recently had it set up so it plays great.

Pissed off wrestling action figure not included.

As far as trades go, I would only be looking for acoustic guitars as I will be moving into a dorm next year and cannot play electric there. I would like $325 for it.
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I'll give you $10,000 for the action figure.

Pshh... In your dreams.
I'll give you anything you want! Money... women... men?
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I know you said an acoustic, but I have a hollowbody for sell that has great projection of its sound. The link is in my sig.
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where are you located?
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how about a psp and a ds system? Those will be good to play while you are in those boring 101 classes.
I have a Yamaha acoustic and I'll throw in a hundred or so...

That work?
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this still up? whats the asking price?
plus im in ohio