right now i have two les pauls and am thinking of selling one and buying something else. im looking for a guitar that is under $550, light weight, great action, sounds good and no fret buzz? i dont need a tremelo bar. something not complex either (like changing strings, etc). i was looking at some ibanez ones that look good
Washburn WI64.

Best investment i ever made for $350 bucks. Seriously check that out.
I don't charge much...

If you don't click this , you'll die :/
Ibanez is definitely a great option. personally, i'm quite taken with the RG2EX1 (its a white RG with black binding, runs about $300). it's pretty simplistic, looks and plays really good, and if you don't like the sound from it, you could easily swap the pickups since you'll have money to spare. that's what i would do.
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Fred Durst is the Tom Green of music

No, some people actually like Tom Green.

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I can't see Jimi approving of this.

Me neither, due to him not being alive and all.
what kind of stuff do you play? what amp do you have?

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well i would say the schecter C-1 Classic, but its over 550 and some have told me its a little heavy but, i have one and i really cant express how happy i am with it. after having other cheep guitars this one is very refreshing.
Buy a Dean razorback without the tremolo, you get one for around $450, it sounds great, but its not lightweight.