It took me a few months to finally get around to finishing this project,
i bought a blank jazz bass ash body of ebay, very rough, unsanded/sealed.

no wiring holeshad been drilled to run pickup wires from cavity to cavity, this was a problem without a long drill bit, needless to say there was alot of bogging and sanding going on.

i then purchased a mighty mite maple neck (which is hard to do if you live in australia) the first one got lost on it's way so the supplier sent me a second one free of charge.

the pickups are fender custom shop 60's jazz bass noiseless.
the paint was hard, as the 2 part primer was being absorbed into the wood, therfore the grain was very visible, but alot more sanding fixed this problem.
i then applied many, many, many coats of 2 pack tangerine paint.

up close the paint on the back isn't too flash, but i got it as good as one can with a hardware store paint gun (not quite professional grade)
but the paint on the front looks pretty decent.

other parts: gotoh bride/tuning machines, fender control plate and pickguard. dimarzio pots.

overall i am quite happy, the tone controls are very responsive and i'm happy with some of the sounds i can dial in.

thanks for looking.
thats actually really nice for basicly being made out of scratch. Nice job. BTW if you play metal what are your settings for your peavey 6505?
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thanks man!

on my peavey (currently dead) 6505.

i mostly play hardcore, but i usually use the normal gain input, lead gain on about 8-9, low on about 4-5, mids ups around 6-7, highs on around 7-8 lots of presesence and resonance.
i think... i haven't seen that amp for weeks as it currently awaiting warranty work (i have no idea why it isn't working)