Okay, so in the GG&A forum, someone posted that he had taken the reverb tank out of his JCM900 and used the reverb knob as a presence knob from that point on.

My questions are: How does this even work? And can I do it with my Palo?

I never use reverb on an amp; I always liked the sound of a dedicated pedal better. And I hate how the only way to control presence is with a switch, and that is non-adjustable.

Thanks for the help, guys. If it's in the wrong forum, tell me and I'll move it.

EDIT: The original statement:
Quote by Mo Jiggity

-Take out the reverb tank, and the reverb knob becomes a presence knob

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

1 - The quote is bullshit.
2 - You can use the pot from the reverb control as a presence control, but it requires circuit modifications.
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