ok so we need a lead singer and a drummer for a fairly new band in north california. we are actually located in davis (no were not treehuggers!) which is right near sacramento

we will probably hold auditions for anyone who wants to enter but no date is set as of now. if you are interested in joining plz post here and include what CITY you live inas well as your favorite vocalist/drummer (optional). once we have a few people who want to apply we will find an audition date that works for those auditioning!

NOTE: most of the players in our band are begginners! dont join if you expect to be playing advanced metallica or anything like that right off the bat!
we have a lead guitarist (myself) im probably biggenner+ or intermediate
a bassist who is fairly good
and a rhythm guitarist who is pretty new but progressing quickly

so anyone interested in joining in north california plz post that you would and include your CITY so we can determine wether your too far away or not.
we will set an audition date as soon as we have probably 4+ ppl that want to join but we will wait no longer than the end of may to set a date. thanx!

EDIT: i forgot to put this but ALL OF OUR BAND MEMBERS ARE 14! so we are looking for a drummer and a singer near sacramento or davis who is between the ages of 13 and 15!
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do u drum or sing?

dude cambria is pretty friggin far from where we are. were near sacramento!
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