i was holding my guitar under my arm plugged into my anp, and in the other hand i had a digital camera hooked up to my tv.....my arm touched the pickup and i got a little zap

why?? and is it just because of the digital camera?
i don't know, but from what i've heard, it's not rare. It could be a wiring problem, but i'm probably wrong.

probably like Haggard said, you probably just make like a little cirlce of electricity, and you completed it...

or if your outlets aren't grounded or something like that?? i dunno, but whenever i'm at my buddy's house jamming, my whole setup, strings, to the metal of my pedalboard has a bit of a charge to it.
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Sounds like a ground loop with the TV, your guitar, and the amp. The TV and Camera likely acted like a mic.
Check you'r ground wire by the springs of the back of the guitar, it may not be soldered correctly. You can fix it by some electrical tape. It can also cause some buzzing and humming if it's not soldered correctly.
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