I own an epiphone explorer, and I am looking to throw some new pups in it.

My first question is whether or not any modifications would be needed to switch out the current passive pups for some active ones (emgs). I know they have the battery and I was just wondering whether there would be enough room without a lot of extra work.

My second question is whether I should go for some Gibson burstbucker pros or go with the (I know, typical) EMG 81/85 setup. (and I am also open to other suggestions, of course)

I have played through EMGs before, and I know they sound great with full throttle distortion. But I have heard a lot of negatives about the clean sound. The burstbuckers, on the other hand, I have not used, so I could use some input.

I play through a peavey JSX head with an avatar 412 cab (2 vintage 30s, 2 G12T75s). I play some light, clean music (Incubus), some dirty blues on occasion (Stevie Ray), and some straight metal/hardcore. (just to give an idea of the sounds I am looking for)

Thanks for the time.
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looking at what kind of music you play, i'm gonna say there's no need for actives. although, if actives are what you really want, look at the seymour duncan website and listen to sound samples, yadda yadda yadda
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Those EMGs wont be to suited to SRV or incubus. Great for death metal. But much better alternatives out there. And burstbuckers have a pretty steep price. Last SET of SDs I bought were the cost of 1 burstbucker.
Yes, this is a bump.

But I thought it would be better than starting a new thread.

After looking into the pricing and taking some listens to the Seymour Duncans, I have decided that they are probably the best bet for me.

I am thinking of going with an SH2 for the neck...but I don't know what to do for the bridge.

Does anybody know of a good bridge pickup to use in combination with the SH2 in the neck?

Thanks again.
JB (SH-4) is pretty damn good for that kind of music- or for anything (everyone says its not really flexible-dont listen to 'em- i play blues, hard rock, and occasionlly jazz with my JB)
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