I'm having trouble with these.. But right now I'm playing on a Fender Starcaster (piece of crap) Think once I get a better guitar I'll be able to do Pinch harmonics?
Your pickups aren't really great for harmonics. Roll up gain and treble while practice to get better!
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i'll trade you guitars...i can do pinch harmonics on mine quite well
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well single coil pickups arent the BEST for picking up pinch harmonics, but hell its possible on an acoustic (may not hear it too well but still hahaha) turn up the gain and turn on your bridge pickup and it'll help, just PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE
add distortion and your away
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Correct, with distortion is the best way to get your pinch going. For god's sake don't blow your amp though. Here is the best way to describe a pinch harmonic using the low E string, 3rd fret.

A pinch harmonic is produced when the thumb of the picking hand lightly touches against the string immediately after it is picked. This is generally accomplished by holding the guitar pick so that very little of its tip protrudes between the thumb and forefinger (roughly 3-5mm), allowing the thumb to brush the string immediately after it is picked.
have shceter 006 diamond serise with seymour duncan(see pics) pickups and i was try pinch harmonics yesterday i cant get em........ ...i dont exactly understand how to do em????
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I have experience in this seeings as i have the same guitar, make sure you are using the middle and bridge or just bridge pickup other wise you can barely pull them off, other than that it is just practice, also as much gain as you can possibly get. Then a little more and then the do the same with treble and practice
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I learnt it roughly in around 2 hours this helped me a lot.
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Pinch harmonics can even be heard on an acoustic guitar!!

just practice... its the only way to improve