Yeah, I covered it. I honestly hate my voice, but it's pointless without the vocals. Forgive the microphone stupid acting stupid towards the end.

Listen to it either on my profile or www.purevolume.com/grahamjoyner

Edit: For some reason it cut off the mini solo at the end, oh well, thought it sounded pretty cool.
"This is The End, beautiful friend, The End"
the vocals are sort of out of time. and if thats the intention then make it a bit less out of time. other than that its not bad other than like the mic mix up and stuff.
Its barely noticable. Guitar is amazing, really great. Voice is great in the verses, the chorus is not so hot, but thats because that note is impossible. I cant hit it either. Try falsetto? Idk. You have a great voice though, and vocal tone is great too.

Mind critting any of my songs in my profile?