hey im going to my first bodom concert and i have vip tickets where we get to meet them and everything. I've never been to something like this can anyone tell me what this is? Like do we actually get to talk to them or do they just say hi cause I think alot of ppl got these tickets to?
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+1, well at least i get to see them tomorrow night anyway. even if i'm just in the crowd and it isnt a face to face.

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its before the show and i got these tickets at hot topic i bought there cd and a shirt and got free tickets and backstage passes for 26 dollars it was a great deal also what kinda questions should i ask cause im really shy haha
Dont try to seem to....weird? Just try to be cool and dont freak out.

Also getting them to sign like the UG logo and getting a pic of it would be epic.
Oh ok I see, very lucky by the way. I'm seeing them on the gigantour may 16th. Not in person though. Oh and it should be before the show like usual. Most bands do meet and greet before the doors open.
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yeah...thats what i was thinking. I want to go to Gigantour but i dont have the funds to drive all the way to Detroit (three hour drive). good luck with that meet and greet dude!
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your lucky dude, watever happens it will be a once in a lifetime experience and hope u make the most of it
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thats sweet man...the Sounds of The Underground "meet and greets" were like...go through a line to the band...hey bro you rock...cool thanks man *take pic*....NEXT