I have a basic background in electronics, but I have never touched my amp more than mess with configuring my friend's midi controller to it .

I have come across a large fender 4x12 cab that I think would really work well for stage performances. One problem, its a large 4x12 cab that is a pain in the butt to carry around.

I have an idea, however.

If I were to somehow rig a switch and a secondary output to the wiring in the back, could I potentially be able to switch between two different "modes"; 4.12 and 2.12?

Straight from the amplifier to a switch, one way going into my speakers and one way going to a 1/4 jack for speaker cable to my cab.

I dunno if that would work and if so I leave my hypothetical awesomely portable rig idea to the UG Forum experts.

As long as the cabs require the same amount of ohms, you don't need to worry.
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