alright so here is how it is going to work. one person will post their amp setting at this very moment.

for example
bass: 1

then the person who posts next will try out the settings and if the like it will give it a nice score and if they dislike it will give them a bad score. the rating is out of 10.

my settings

gain: 6
bass: 7
treble: 5
mids: 5
Why? Why not go into the ultimate settings thread in GG&A if you want to see stuff like this? Also every amp sounds different so unless everyone has the same amp it won't work.
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Eww, a bit crazy on the bass and reverb there "i bleed metal".

Gain: 12
Reverb: 3
Bass: 3
Mid: 4.5
Treble: 12

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This is absolutely ridiculous. All amps have different EQ responses and their matching speakers have their own tonal characteristics too, not mentioning tube quality and pedals...
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