I recently picked up my father's old electric base guitar. However, I am having some problems getting it to properly work with a brand new amplifier.
Whenever I plug it in to the amp. and strum a string I just get a "thud" like sound from the amp, no normal vibration or note sounds. All the strings produce the same sound. I know the amp recognizes the guitar is plugged in, but beyond that it's not doing much.
I also don't know much about the guitar and am hoping that someone will be able to tell me what kind it is, and any specifics about the parts. I have taken it apart and reassembled it with new strings. No obvious problems after taking it apart. The main piece directly under the strings consists of the a metal housing box, and a coil of copper wire with magents on eithier side, which connects through wire to the input jack and knobs. The 2 knobs are for volume and tone, when they are turned the amp. sound does change slightly, although not the way one would normally expect.
Here are links to pictures of the guitar after reassembly.


They are hosted on photobucket. If you have any ideas about what the problem could be or more info about this guitar I would appreciate it.
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