So back in the day when I was writing reviews for an indie-hipster-douchebag e-zine, I got sent "Valley of Cats" to write about amongst the piles of other crap. So obviously when I say amongst, it means I liked it, and hence forth I'm sharing it with you guys here.

Since then they've come out with a new album, "Sun on Sun", which I actually think is miles ahead of their previous record, and that's saying alot. I think their website is down right now, but when it's back up you can stream the entire record. Problem is though, I can't find it ANYWHERE (physically).

Anyways you can check out their myspace here - www.myspace.com/pontiak
website here - www.pontiak.net
and review here, if you give a ****, which you don't, but here it is anyways - http://www.lefthip.com/albums/649
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