I did read the FAQ and Rules, and I don't think I saw any other topics like mine. I'd appreciate any help or advice given.

I'm originally a drummer, I'd say I'm pretty good. About two months ago I picked up guitar, and progressed a lot with it. I've been reading music and doing average theory for about four years now, so that is no problem. I know basic techniques like bends, hammers/pulls, slides, am pretty comfortable moving around the frets, and know basic chords.

My question is, I don't know how to get better. I don't know what direction to take or what to do in order to get better. Which lately, has been all I've wanted to do. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated, I apologize if there's already another topic like this.
try some of your favorite songs, play them on guitar[since you ARE on a guitar tab site :P)

practcing techniques is boring in my opinion so you should learn fun songs that involve those techniques, so overall you end up learning that technique without the bore.
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I'd get lessons, it may sound lame but it's the easiest way to get better
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just keep finding things to learn you can never learn to much.
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thanks mates.

i'd look into lessons but it's something i can't afford. i'll try and play more songs. but with the learning new things, i don't know what to learn next.