hi im looking to buy a new bass. im not really into slapping and i want something better than my squier. ill probably spend upto 500 max. can somone please help me? thanks
schecter omen?
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MIM Jazz? What Squier do you have?
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There's a pretty big selection of good Ibanez basses under 500, there are also the Mexican Fenders. I wouldn't really recommend the LTD's at this price range though. Schecter could also be a decent option. Maybe a used Spector.
You could probably get a decent MiM Fender (Pbass or Jazz) in that price range...

But what's your amp? You know upgrading your amp can do much more for your overall sound than upgrading your bass (unless your bass is particularly bad).
i have a squier jazz bass. what is the difference between the p bass and the jazz bass?
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i have a squier jazz bass. what is the difference between the p bass and the jazz bass?

p basses have wider necks than jazz basses, they a punchier sound but without the bite of the jazz and they aren't as versatile as the jazz but the tone pretty much fits ok for everything
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dont go with MIM fenders before you try VM squiers
IMO the squiers VM are better build and have a better sound but
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