Hey, I'm looking into getting my first acoustic. I have been playing electric for awhile now and I'm really into folk acoustic stuff. My budget is about $900 at the most, maybe a small bit over. I'm looking for a normal 6 steel string. Thanks for any input.
how good are you talking about?

if u want the best acoustic (in my opinion) i would get taylor 314ce
like my baby

i love it and was exactly what i was looking for
beautfiul nice, sweet warm sound

gc has liek 1650
i got my off ebay for liek 1200

u wouldnt need another one if u get this i think
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I believe the best top for the classic folk sound is a cedar top. For that price, you can get beautiful Seagull Mosaic (link). Honestly, for your first acoustic, I think you should aim a bit lower in your price range.

What sort of sound do you want? What nut width is comfortable for you? You should really play some acoustics first (don't make a hasty decision; come check online before you buy, to make sure you're getting your money's worth).

If you want a serious folk instrument with a lot of history to back it up, then look at Martin's 15 series. For fingerpicking, a tighter waist seen in the 000-15 or the 00-15 is preferred for a rounder and clearer tone. The dreadnought will give you bassy lows and a great deal of volume. Of course, these are all $50 over your budget, but they come with a lifetime warranty and case.
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