so i had my first gig ever haha. it was at battle of the bands, and i thought we did fairly well, but the singer totally blew it, so we didnt place. we ended up playing starlight by muse, and this song by straylight run that i wont bother trying to spell. the last part was where it made the performance special for me though. we played power rangers for a minute or so, and boy, was it the best minute of my life haha. i will provide the link (only have power rangers, friend couldnt record the rest =/)


yeah, our timing was pretty mesed up in the beginning since my picking arm gets tired easily from lots of downpicking (im left handed so no wanking benefits =/). i thought the rest was decent though, considering its my first time ever infront of a live audience. little mistakes here and there, but oh well. hope you guys can provide criticism

p.s. the playing-with-my-mouth thing was just some dare my drummer told me to do. im not actaully playing with my teeth, im just using pull-offs
Well I wasn't expecting Dream Theater or anything but it was a bit off in my opinion. You guys should have practiced more. Good job and keep it going.
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What the hell was that that fell off your face at the end? XD
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yeah we DEFINATELYYY could have used A LOT more practice. we had a two week's notice since my bandmate finally suggested it, since he was informed late (battle of the bands is at a neighboring highschool, im a sophmore in highschool btw). so everything was totally rushed, since everyone was busy with their lives too, so getting a complete practice with full- band was pretty rare.. and the thing that flew from my face at the end was my pick ahaha. looks like a tooth or something doesnt it.

yeah i totally love my rga =) nicesst feel guitar with a fixed bridge. needs pickups swap though
haha yeah it looks and sounds cool, but simple sweep =) i cant sweep for crap, but decided to put it in the for the thrill of it.