Does anyone know anything about, or for that matter own, Rio Grande Barbeque pickups? In the most recent issue of Guitar Player, there's an interview with The Sword, and their one guitarist mentions how he uses one of these pickups and how they help keep his sound really pronounced and clear. I did some research on their site, and it seems a wide range of artists uses em. Obviously The Sword (stoner rock/metal), to The Melvins (sludge metal, grunge, or whatever the hell you wanna call it), Feeder (indie/alt rock), From Autumn to Ashes (screamo), Keb Mo (blues), and a bunch others (a few probably aren't listed).

Sine it seems that it does have a lot of versatility, and seems to keep the various artist's sound clear, it's interested me because i've been wanting to change the somewhat muddy and blah stock pickups. So, does anyone know anything about em?