Hey guys. New pickups. I play a lot of thrashy metal, lamb of god is as dark as my music gets. I like to play paul gilbert, satch, buckethead. I was thinkin dimarzio evolution2/breed/suggestion in the bridge and dimarzio evolution/suggestion in the neck. No actives please. Thanks guys!
Nice stuff. Love those Elitists. I would definitely stick a Breed in the bridge for fat and thick distortion. You really shouldn't need much to get a Lamb Of God type tone, though. Lamb of God use guitars with Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59s (a vintage style output, PAF-voiced pickup) with their Mark IV's. They dial in their heaviness from their amps.

Don't listen to anyone recommending a Super Distortion, not suited for thrash metal at all, IMO.

I don't really shred, so in the neck, it's fair game. Dunno what would work there.