ok, im still new to guitar and i dont know much about it, all i know is how to play songs by tabs sadly
so yeah take it easy on me

but ok my guitar is a P.O.S

its a behringer V-Tone whatever. everything about it just sucks

but recently

i was just playing and then when i strum i heard a weird vibe on it and nothing is loose

and it sorrta comes from the middle of the fretboard.

so is it possible for a Truss Rod to snap??
I've never seen one snap, but, I have seen their threads strip, which would lead to bigger problems then vibration...neck relief problems. Anyways, more than likely, the truss rod may not have been properly, or sufficiently, isolated against vibration when it was installed. What happens is the rod will vibrate against the wood, or in the case of a double expanding truss rod, it can vibrate against itself. I'd first check to make sure the guitar is properly set up...check neck relief, action, etc, and adjust it to where you like it...then see if it still vibrates.