Virtual Vagina

Lie down on your side and grab your penis from the left side rather than the right (if you're right-handed). To do this, rotate your wrist so your thumb is pointing down; you may have to pull your penis slightly to the side. Roll over further and brace your hand against the bed, and thrust your penis in and out of your hand. This closely mimics the movements of intercourse. It's a very different feeling to masturbate by moving your pelvis rather than your hand. It's also fun to put your other hand down and feel your scrotum moving back and forth as you pump in and out of "the vagina". You can also do this standing up, but you have to be careful not to let your hands take over the motion.

Rosy Palm

Place some lubrication on the palm of one hand. Then, slowly rub the tip of your penis against the lubricated palm. Continue rubbing, varying the speed to suit your pleasure. You'll find that this produces a unique type of orgasm.

Endless Vagina

Make a fist, but instead of grabbing your penis, push the tip through your fist. Keep going until the tip is about to come out the other side, then continue the "vagina" with your other hand. Keep rotating your hands, one in front of the other, as you perpetually penetrate an endless vagina.

Popping the Cork

With one hand, hold the base of the penis firmly in an O shaped grip. With the other hand, use a circular motion starting about 1/3 of the way down the penis. Spiral your grip towards the top, giving extra attention to the head of the penis as your palm and fingers pass over it. When you're about to orgasm, get both hands just underneath the tip and use strong circular motions to try to "pop" your cork. Let the champagne fly!!!

Static Charge

Gently pinch the loose skin just below the tip of the penis. Begin rubbing your fingers together, as though you were feeling a piece of soft cloth. You won't feel much until you hit the final surge, but it will come on like a wave.

Tip Tracing

With one hand, masturbate normally. With one finger of the other hand, trace light circles around the tip of penis. You may find that this produces a stronger, more intense orgasm than ususal.

Belly Rub

Make sure you're fully erect, then tilt your penis straight up towards your belly button and slowly rub the shaft against your stomach. Hold your penis just below the tip, using your thumb to press your penis into your stomach. Increase speed and direction to suit your taste. A little lubrication on this one will increase the sensations.

Milk It

Lube up both hands, then make a ring around the base of your penis with your thumb and one finger. Slide the ring from the base towards the tip. As you reach the tip, repeat the motion with the other hand. Ideally, you want to be starting at the base with one hand just as the other is reaching the tip. All strokes go from the base of the penis to the tip. A strong erection and a very strong orgasm are common with this technique.
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