Right now i have a crappy first act amp that was given to me hen i bought a Ibanez tube screamer and it helped some but not much. iwas thinkin maybe a cheap Orange amp from a local music shop. would this help?
yeah i think so i didnt really study it much but they were over next to these Austin guitars that caught my eye
My brother has a crush 30 or something. The distortion is really weak, we have used a couple of distortion pedals on it and it still sounds a bit crap. Get a roland if you want to play heavier stuff. If you're playing rock music and stuff like that you might be ok.
The orange crush series is ok. It is still ss but if you don't mind then it's cool. They are not too expensive for a nice piece of amp. I have heard that they sound quite good with a nice dist pedal going through it. But as always, try it out! See whether YOU like it, because it's you that's playing it.
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I got my first Orange today!!!! Its a Orange crush 15 watt with reverb, just a practice amp!! let me join!!!!

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If you don't have enough for tube get a Roland Cube.

LOL good one
I think with the Tube Screamer it shuld sound ok i was thnikin maybe a Boss metal core to go with it maybe
tiny terror/ rocker 30/rockerverb series 50 and 100

tiny terror for what your lookin for
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I've played the Rocker 50, and it was basically tone sex.

Is there a cheap Orange? Crushes are expensive too, aren't they?
I went to that music store today actually and they are in fact orange and i forgot to look at the name but i know their orange but the one im looking at is about the size of a Fender Frontman, (not sure the sizes on those but the smallest one) and they're like 50 bucks or so. not much anyway
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go with marshalls. you cant go wrong

You definatly can, most modern marshals suck total ass for the price, vintage marshals however, are another thing
I noticed today..
Orange tube amps are expensive.
Like crazy.

The Crush series seems well worth the cash though
Actually I think any Orange is worth the cash
I've been thinking about a small practise amp, and the orange crush range seems good value. I mainly use clean or crunch sounds so from what people have said they sound ideal for me.

Has anyone on here owned one, and if so what do you think?

they do a 10 watter, a 15 and a 15R with reverb- I fancy that to hide my fluffed notes
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i have a little crush 15r and it it the bomb. it can get really loud and has a pretty good tone tone it.
pick one up if you want a decent practice amp.
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cheers for that

really loud- not ideal for me, but does it crunch nicely at low bedroom volumes?

i have my marshall valvestate for when I want my ears to bleed
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I've got one... You can get some amazing blues sounds out of it... But as far as metal/heavy distortion, you probably should consider something else.
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Line 6 is great just try to get the spider 2 way better then spider 3 i cant stand spider 3

How can you not stand the Spider III? It sounds identical to the Spider II.

I definately wouldn't recommend a Spider unless you're planning to play at low volumes. Spiders don't sound too great loud and they don't cut through very well either.

I say check out the Vox Valvetronix.
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