-m-audio 410 firewire interface, audix I5 instrument mic, mic stand (trading as one)

-Epi VJ head

-Polytone Mini Brute II- 1977, 100watts. better than you roland jazz chorus! make me an offer SOLD
-Dunlop rotovibe SOLD
-EH Small Stone phaser SOLD
-CatalinBread Ottava Magus Octave Ring Multiplier SOLD
-Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-5 SOLD
-Boss Super Phaser PH-2 SOLD
-xcase ata amp head case (inner diam 29.5, 8.75, 12) SOLD

oh yeahhhhh
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I have a 2x12 Cab fitted with Vox and Fane speakers that I really don't need anymore. I'd be willing to trade it for the VJ head and the CE-5, if you're interested? The only problem would be shipping the Cab to where you are.

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I'm not really interested in anything listed here, but I've got a mint, new condition Madison Divinity Tube Combo for sale. $650 shipped.
roast- yeah that sounds good but I can't add any more money shipping. sorry

vangkm- I'm gonna pass dude I'm broke. just lookin to trade

anyone else?
Man, I never thought I'd see a Polytone on UG. I wish I had something to trade for it/buy it from you.
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thats about south africa tho...which isnt poor at all.
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yeah I hate to get rid of it but I really need a combo or a 112/212 cab. thanx tho. if you know anybody looking for one send em my way
I got a Traynor YCV50 Blue 50 watt combo. Good clean, and pretty good brit style crunch. PM if interested.
hmmmm.. yeah I definately think there's somthing wrong with my messaging system you're the third one to not get messages from me. we'll just deal right here from now on. Here's what I originally sent:

So you wanna trade the:

-Dunlop rotovibe
-EH Small Stone phaser
-CatalinBread Ottava Magus Octave Ring Multiplier
-Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-5
-Boss Super Phaser PH-2

for your traynor correct?
^That sounds like a pretty solid deal. I am needin to upgrade my phaser, so havin two choices will be nice, and the Ottavas sound cool, as well. I have the other stuff covered by other pedals, but I can make room on my board for pedals that nice.

Any thoughts on the pedals. I have read reviews and listened to samples, but nothin is like hands on. I am anxious to get this lined out.

Edit: I just noticed that you are from Evansville. It would prolly be pretty easy to just meet and swap stuff. I live a little south of Effingham, IL, about 2 hours away. Be much easier for me than shippin it.
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Nah sorry dude I'm from Buffalo, NY. Nowhere near IL, but I'd still like to trade with you if thats ok still. Here's my thoughts on the pedals as well as their condition.

Ottava Magus- (mint)- Awesome effect, thats all I can say. If it had a place on my pb, I would not be getting rid of it.

EH Small Stone- (good condish, some scratches and nicks)- good phaser, good change of pace from boss and phase 90 sound

Chorus ensemble- (bunch of small nicks and black scuff on top, but works fine)- It has a awesome chorus to it. The only reason I chose my boss super chorus over this was it came through better on my marshall however 9/10 people usually choose the emsemble

Super Phaser- (small nicks again)- good sounding phaser. I like this phaser because you can get a lot of variation out of it as well as some really good sounds. I chose my phase 90 over it because it sounds just as good but is easier to eq(one knob). other than that it has solid sound.

Dunlop rotovibe- (good, one nick in red pain, but still has plastic on it)- has a nice light controlable modulating chorus as well as vibrato.

hope this helps. what kind of condition is the amp in?
I see you're not from IN, but it's still cool. Musta clicked a wrong link.

The pedals sound pretty good, and it sounds pretty fair compared to the value to the amp.

Amps condition>>>The one and only problem is, where the cord plugs into the back of the amp, the bracket is cracked. I forgot to take it out, one time, and when I closed my van door it caught just enough to break it. The amp functions fine, I just haven't had the time to get it fixed, and with a new amp, not really the need.

Let me know what you think.
sounds fine. I'm down for trading if you are. Pm me with your shipping info and I'll do the same (hopefully)