Whats up with the scales in this book? They aren't in the normal 5 guitar positions. I don't understand why they are like this.
The scales don't have to be in specific positions; a scale is simply a specific collection of notes, and all scales can be applied to the entire neck.
there is no "set position" i could for example, take the A minor pentatonic and play it over different ocataves, or starting on a different note, so long as the tonal centre is still A then i am still playing A minor pentatonic.
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There are no "normal 5 guitar positions." Scales are a collection of notes, not a box shape.
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Well dude, to learn scales, you think of them as kind of a box, 5 different boxes. But when you utilize these positions you are meant to break free from that and see it as one big mutha box. They are just there to help you learn.
Lulz, the fabled box of scales.

I was a firm believer in this dogma until I got my ass up and started to learn theory.