Like the title says.

I've got an old Teisco, pics below, and the intonation is off. I really like the tone and feel of this guitar but it's useless above the 12th fret or so. Is there any way to fix this?

I could replace the bridge but I don't know what will fit it...there's next to nothing in information on this thing.

All I can come up with is to drill new holes but it'd be a guessing game and I could end up drilling 4-5 sets of holes...not good for my body

edit: that wasn't my routing job! And yes, I know that's strung wrong but it feels better. I have no tremolo arm yet.
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Inch and a half, but the screws aren't in the posts. Post to post, on center, it's 2 3/4"

edit: Forgot to add, it's a pretty short scale...12 3/8" nut to 12th fret.
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A TOM bridge can be used with any scale. Your not going to have any adjustment with the bridge you are using and doubt would ever find a aftermarket one that will fit without a mod of some sort. There are several styles of TOM bridge you can use some like the nashville style use some pretty small sleeves in the body for mounting studs.Some dont use sleeves and the threaded portion goes directly into the body. Archtop style TOMs use a wooden mount against the body. Look at what stewmac has.