I was planning to get this pedal.
Before I did, I decided to try it out at Guitar Center.
There's some questions I have for this..

1. I'm generally more comfortable setting my delays in milliseconds isntead of BPM. How do I change the BPM setting to msecs? I know there is one preset (3) that is in msec but I want all presets to be in msec. Is there a way?

2. Preset 3 seems to be awfully quiet, even if you turn the Effect Level all the way up. I'm pretty sure this isn't just the pedal I tried at guitar center, I tried my friends DD-20 as well and preset 3 was way too quiet and I couldn't find a way to make it 100% delay level. Is there a way to change this?

Thats pretty much it..
I'd like to get these questions answered and if not, I'm probably getting a Line 6 DL4 instead.
When you saus presets do you mean the factory presets? Presets are easily tweakable! You can also change de db output(-20 or +4).

And yes you can change from bpm to msec....

Just read the manual!
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I believe you can get the manual from the Boss website. Go download and have a read, I believe that will answer your questions.
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