If im looking at a chord that says Bb or just G#, how do i know if its major or minor, there is another chord on the same page that says cm which is C minor, does that mean unless specified its major or what...

Pretty much yes. If you see a chord named C, it is a C major (C E G). And you're correct, if a small 'm' is specified next to the letter, then it will be C minor (C D# G)
most of the time its its unless specified,

only for one occasion

if at the start of the score it has the # and b in it that indicates the key that it is and if within that key it is a minor then it would not be indicated
Thank you, so also Bb is just b major and g sharp is just g major. unless specified, thanks

EDIT: reading chords not music, its got no key signature here.
Yes. It's major, unless otherwise specified.

Bb would be Bb Major, and G# would be G# Major.
so also Bb is just b major and g sharp is just g major

No, Bb means Bb major (Bb D F) and G# means G# major (G# B# D#)
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