So I've got a squier practice amp that's got a broken volume knob. It's a 100K pot, which I don't have. I do have several others, however. Is it possible to simply attach a resistor somewhere to bring one up to 100K? I know the best thing to do is to go buy one, but it's a squier sidekick and I can't be arsed...

edit: and sorry to have 2 threads going, but the two have nothing to do with each other.
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What other pots do you have? You can use a resistor in parallel with the wiper to reduce the resistance to 100K, but it will change the taper.
What other pots do you have?
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Use the 500k. Solder a 150k resistor between the two end lugs. That will give you 115k. Or use a 120k resistor to get 97K. Either one is close enough.
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Thank you very much, kind sir!

edit: and am I correct in assuming that the volume won't go all the way down with this setup? I'm a bit new at this sort of thing...
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it works but the pot is older than me and it's hanging out of the front of the amp because it won't fit. I'll have pics up later...this is quite amusing.
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You have a Squier Sidekick? What are the original pot values (and names)? I need to replace the pots and somehow fix the snapped-in-two PCB and don't remember the original pot values.