ok i've been looking for awhile and can't find this answer, nor my question. from what it appears the jamman will only loop whatever is directly recorded into it is that correct? so does that mean if i want distortion in my loops i'll have to buy an external distortion pedal? because honestly i love the sound of my vox. thanks a million for the answers, and honestly if it comes down to the fact i can't i'll just sell my vox and pick up a distortion pedal and another amp because i REALLY want a looper.
unless you have an effects loop, then yeah, you'll need an external pedal

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im sorry i dont' quiet udnerstand what u mean by effects loop, is that the second input/output jack on the back of some amps? so for me to benefit from any of these built in effets i'd have to step up a model im assuming? i believe the same 30watt version that has 2 speakers in it has a loop but im not sure. if you could point me in the right direction i'd really appreciate it, kinda sad this amp's only about 4 months old i wish i had knew this about a looping pedal before i bought this.
one last side question, for example could i run it behind my output line and then plug my headphones into that just for my personal recording? maybe run a splitter to the pc and just buy an rc-2? since me having no effects loop would ruin 90% of the features of the jamman? i mean i could buy a new distortion pedal no problem, but i don't want to buy a new comp or delay/flanger/ chorus that this amp already has.