Song 1: Nice wah usage, sounds like rob zombie to be honest nice intro riff overall

The grungy riff will be extremly awesome with a vocal melody it sound prody and good.

Very straight forward structure of the song which is i believe what u looked for in this

I really do love that main riff though it sounds awesome aye lol

Nice time for the guitar solo, with a good composition and usage of wah
Thank you very much

I'm getting a toneport this week and will get vocals done and re-do all guitars and maybe just tidy up some of the cymbol hits.

I am just writing stripped down straight forward hard rock My fav!!

Your response was very much appreciated.
I've just checked out control - very Zakk Wylde-ish!

I'm not fond of the wah at the beginning, sounds a little to raw (something's lacking, don't know how to describe). The structure of the song is quite nice though, and it the Zakk-ism is dripping off it imo
good **** paul, i dig it. I think if you get the right people you can go places. Id come see your shows!