Hey, I have been playing guitar for over a year and I feel it is the time to get a new guitar, my old one is a cheap Casino. So I have $500 AUS to spend which guitar do you recommend I get? It would also help if you could mention any decent amps around $150-$200 I should get. Cheers.

I play alot of stuff like RHCP, general rock, I dont like metal that much.
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what kind of music do you listen to/play?
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hmm play a lot of guitars in your budget and choose of that
or keep on saving and buy something a bit nicer
maybe try some epiphones?
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it all depends on how good you are, and what kind of music you play.
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amps perhaps the Vox AD15VT or a Roland Cube if you play heavier stuff i got a AD30VT for $450au so the 15 should be in your price range
Just to let you know, many people are going to recommend saving up a bit more money.

Ok.... When asking for recommendations, you should provide a few bits of information. One is the budget (which you've done), the music you will be playing, and what you are going to be doing (gigging, bedroom playing etc). I'm just letting you know, because I can see you are a new person. Welcome to UG btw.

Without the music you'll be playing, I can't give you a specific recommendation. But maybe an Epiphone Les Paul (many people recommend nothing less than a 'Standard')? It'll be heavy (physically and in terms of tone) and be more inclined to do Rock. Maybe a MIM (Made In Mexico) Fender Stratocaster? It'll be lighter, and will be more bluesy, less bottom end. If you can't really extend your budget, then I've heard the Yamaha Pacificas are very good for their low price. Some people have said that the Ibanez electrics are good as well, but I can't comment.

If the amp is just for bedroom playing, then maybe a little Epiphone Valve Junior Combo? I'm one of the tube people, who prefer the tube sound over the Solid State. Its cheap, but only has a volume knob, which bothers some people. It can be overcome with pedals in the future though, which could be presents to spoil yourself
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The LTD M50 imo is the best guitar for its price if you like to play metal. rrp $499 AUD.