So i have a Peavey 5150 head and everything is good cuz i love that amp...
until last weekend at band practice...

Somethings either loose in it or somethings just flat out wrong
It sounds like a cell phone signal is going through the amp but its coming out distorted which isnt normal and its really really really really loud and annoying

So i took it to my guitarshop and ironically, this is the only piece of gear i bought from there without a warranty (bad luck?) hahaha

but the guy said my "chassy is loose" so idk what this means but its gonna be a 60-100 usd repair

any ideas guys?
the chassis is loose? well i honestly don't know what that means, but id pay to get i fixed by a pro, rather than try and possibly bugger the amp more, which would be a bad thing
I know the chassis of a car is the frame of it.. or whatever.. So it's probably the outer housing?

But if it sounds like a cellphone is probably isn't just that.. could be something electrical.
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The chassis is basically the metal part of the amp with all the knobs that houses all the guts. The last time I had a loose chassis it took about ten minutes with a multimeter and a screwdriver to fix.
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Not a hard fix....but at the same time, it could be a tube going out. When was your last retube? Tubes make wierd noises when dying

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i have to pay £250+ or $500 to fix my (piece of crap) Orange - think yourself lucky sir.