Can you get acoustics shaped like Explorers?

I want an acoustic, but I have a fairly strict "Explorer only" policy. And I just... don't think round sunburst acoustics suit me. :/

My other choice is a hello kitty pink acoustic, but I hear it sucks. Hm.
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if you want an explorer acoustic, you shouldn't be playing acoustic guitar.
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I'm most comfortable with the Explorer shape, especially sitting. So I figured I'd be most comfortable with an Explorer shaped acoustic. The traditional round sided design, I just can't... uh... position them right. I dunno why.
"Levelled up. Still no solos."
Eheh... I'm even worse with V's.

Guess I'll just man up and get a traditional shaped one.
"Levelled up. Still no solos."
I know what you mean, but even thought rounded acoustics all look similar, some are awkward and some fit like a glove.

Thankfully, I've found one that sounds great and is so comfortable I could play all day.

So basically, just try lots, and you will probably find one that you really get on with.
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Acoustic guitars are shaped the way they are for a specific reason. Take a look at the FAQ and you'll get some hints why.

As for this thread, I'm just going to close it before some of the frequent posters in here find it...it'll be better for everyone involved.

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