Hey guys, Ive tried everything to sort my problem out but out of ideas....

I have a Line6 Toneport GX and Compaq Presario 2100 Laptop. I've installed the the Toneport and its working fine except I can't hear my guitar through my Laptop! I have my Guitar plugged into the Toneport and a cable from the Line Out going into the Line In on my Laptop. The Toneport is working - Audacity picks up the signal and records fine Its just I cant hear the ampified sound of my guitar. Ive tried selecting Toneport as soundcard and other various ideas but still no success. Would appreciate any ideas or help anyone can give me....
I put mine through external speakers, if you have any that should do the trick, but if you want to record through audacity, i can't help you, i haven't tried that
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Probably because the toneport has taken over as the sound card for ur laptop. If u go control panel then click on classic view then sounds and audio divices. click the audio tab and make sure the drop down boxes are set to ur laptops soundcard.

OH and then. make sure that ur line in is not muted, most of the time its muted and the microphone isnt.

to check go to sounds and audio devices again but under the volume tab click the first advanced button. next click options then properties, then click recording and make sure that line in is selected. click ok then make sure its not muted.
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yea just set the playback device as your stock card but 50% of the time you may have to run headphones or something with the interface as some cards wont let you play out the stock card when running an interface, (my computer doesn't let me set this).

You also may get latency when running out audio to your stock card.
hi there,as the g above said toneport is like your soundcard now...i don't know if this will be any help to you but why not download reaper instead,you may prefer it..i got my toneport >usb use headphones into toneport to hear what im recording...reaper is better IMO try it out its free