Well I've been trying to write a love song for a very long time.

My problem = i can't express what i want to say in a straightforward manner.
In theory i would like it to sound even slightly profound, but this get's me nowhere.

Any ideas?
"Here's what the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy says on the subject of love: 'Avoid at all costs'"

Real tip: Don't write about an actual relationship, but more about the concept of love.
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
Quick example:
I love her, she don't love me,
I want her, she's so lovely,
she's so lost she won't recognize,
this love's pure not like other guys,
She's simply, defeating,
love lost but, not fleeting,
one day she, might see too,
either way my, love stays true...

2 minutes of my time...not the best but something to start with, and if it doesn't work you learn what doesn't work and start over. That doesn't have to exactly be a woman I wrote about, it could be abstract. You can label things differently in your songs to make people wonder, just have fun with it.

Start with something silly and stupid, just keep writing. If you don't like a line swap it out. Songs are like lego's you can swap pieces for new ones, sometimes the same block can be used for different builds
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if you want to make a straight forward happy song, it will most likely seem cheesy, but you could try and write of your experiences with the subject, something special only to you two:

the coldest of the winter nights
were the sweetest with you in my sights
as i held you down within my stare
a memory forever there

as opposed to the obvious:

you make me know true love
together we will fly above
i love you now, and love you still
like when we ****ed behind the old saw mill

and most important: keep writing. 4 line poetry, descriptions of your surroundings, feelings blah blah blah. when you have written your 100th song it will be worlds better and more expressive of your true feelings than your 1st. hope this helps.

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my advice: don't try and write about anything. write whatever comes into your head. eventually that will be love.

i can't express myself in a straightforward way either; that's why most of the time my poetry is somewhat abstract.
For the public love would be illusions, fighting, moking at eachother and hate. Otherwise they don't like your music or they find you a gay or a stupid and naief person. So you've got to do what to do.
Quote by CandyMann
For the public love would be illusions, fighting, moking at eachother and hate. Otherwise they don't like your music or they find you a gay or a stupid and naief person. So you've got to do what to do.

I'v forgotten to mention the opposite of those things could be love.
I like to just pick up the guitar and start strumming chords till i find something i like and then i just start singing over those chords recording as i sing and most of the time it turns out alright. O and I don't think about anything and im usually tired at the time. Its weird how being tired kind of relaxes the mind.
don't try to push yourself in writing a good song....IMMEDIATELY...it comes as you write your lyrics...

either try decreasing distractions or increasing inspirations...you know, songs are but feelings put into melody...so when you try to write songs, especially a love song, try to concentrate on what you really feel and what you wanted to say...

like what they say about writing good love letters, "A good love letter is when you can't recall what you've just written."

Let it flow.

Good luck!
I have tried to write a love song and i personally find that just writing what you feel generally comes out as a love song. If you're not feeling it then try imaging what someone heartbroken or in love would feel like. It may help. Sorry if it doesn't.
^^ You gotta go easy on the bottle my man. There is no such thing as love outside of family. The rest is all sexual, biological, instinct.
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i suppose there's a chance
i'm just a litte too shallow to consider
that maybe i've been a little more eager
each day to wake up and take a shower
brush my teeth and smile for the mirror
when i write a love song i like to think about what i feel about a certain girl or multiple ones and sometimes just add things that arent directed to a specific girl. just general stuff. add life experiences.

heres something from one of my songs i wrote during a short lived relationship

girl i see that your down (she was never down, but it kinda fit)
you just gotta look at me
turn that frown around cant you see
i'll be right by your side, babe
rain or shine ( the next 3 lines were from a life expirence)
and your free,
to wrap your arms around me

its not exactly a love song but its about a girl, but hope that helps
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Me playing
She is the an opportunity,
Decoded pi, golden ratio without levity,
She results in multiple sighs,
Long lost love under a cloudy sky,
But it seems she bears all keys,
To all my thoughts, desires and needs.

Took about a minute.

Listen to Bob Dylan, master wordsmith.
If it helps at all write down what aspect of love your trying to write about or images you associate when it comes to love no offense to anyone but try not to make it rhyme every line unless you want to i guess. Just write exacly what your trying to espress Ex:love is beautiful,Love is amazing,I love her,She loves me,I don't love you,Love hurts etc. then try to use different and more poetic words i guess you could call them and try to build off of that. Hope it helps=)