Hi, I'm looking for an all tube Marshall for less than $1000 US. I was recently browsing around online and saw some good things about the DSL 401 combo. I don't mind used products, as most of my gear is second hand. As a former MG user I know that there's a lot of variation in the quality of Marshall's gear, so I was hoping for some good suggestions from people who have owned different models. Currently, I'm playing a Vox AC15, which is a great amp for cleans, but the distortion leaves something to be desired, as I'm a huge Led Zeppelin fan, and most of playing lies in the blues rock area. Any suggestions are appreciated, and thanks!
Why does it have to be a Marshall?
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Traynor YCV40 or something similar would be good. Very Marshally sounding, or so I've heard.
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JCM800 combos almost always sell for less than $1000. Other than that, call up Traynor.
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TRAYNOR has a very marshally sound, and great cleans and is under 1000. YCV50 blue is probably what you should look into. Great sounding amps, for a great price. PM slatsmania for more info (he is an expert on these things!) also look into a used Mesa F-30 or used MESA rectoverb.
I've only played a traynor one time, but must say it's a good amp...especially for the price. I really did not get a chance to play with the EQ etc. much...so others have probably even heard better sounds than myself. A used DSL 401 is a great bargain, and I have seen those go for less than $500...pretty easily. I really like the DSL 401 and there are many mods available to get to YOUR tone. The amp that I personlly want (and an trying to get...ha ha) is a DSL 50...fricking great amp and can be had (used) for around 700 bucks.

Good Luck!