Hi. I am thinking of getting a Flying V. I want to get a black one, and I think I will get some different pickups for it, not really sure though. But does anyone else out there own one? I am wondering if it is comfortable to play standing up. I know it is fine sitting down, but I didn't hve a strap at guitarcenter so I could play standing. Is it ok? Oh and I hear that the guitar is great for metal. Which is what I am playing in my band I am lead guitarist, and my friend Johnny is the Rhythm guitarist. The band is done, and we are thinking of a few covers to learn. We know paranoid by Black Sabbath. Anyone know any metal songs we should learn? Thanks.
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i have a faded v which is basicly the same thing without the paint job. it works well for hard rock but i would recommend different pickups for full out metal. when i first started playing it it was strange standing up because it feels like theres no body there but you get used to them after a while.
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If you're into metal and V guitars, try a Jackson V.
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Thanks man. I thought the same thing. It is something you gotta get used to. Haha. I played one once at a gig. It was Battle of the Bands. about a month ago. And I played t for one song. I remember the greatest thing ever. When I first went out on stage with it on. Everyone started cheering. We didn't have anymore songs planned so we Played Paranoid, and then we only had about 5 minutes left, so the rest of my band just played a heavy rhythm at the end of paranoid, and I got to duel solo with Johnny. We had a lot of fun. Try it out. sometime. Guarenteed to please both you and the crowd! We came second which pissed me off, and I think they only beat us by one point! Oh well. Next year.
"Nice boys don't play rock n' roll" - Axl Rose in (Nice Boys cover)
Quote by Ventor
If you're into metal and V guitars, try a Jackson V.

That ^ Depends on your price range though
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I have a Lado flying V, awesome guitar
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Not a fan of Jacksons. I dont like the feel of their guitars, like I do Gibsons. When I play a gibson I feel like I am playing an instrument designed just for me. That is why my Explorer is my #1 right now. Haha. And yes I am a fan of more "extreme" body styles. The explorer was supposed to be a flying V, but my mom made a mistake. Hahaha.
"Nice boys don't play rock n' roll" - Axl Rose in (Nice Boys cover)
I have a gibson flying v. Hell, even the epiphone V's are pretty good and weigh the same. If you get an epiphone V i suggest changing out the pups. As far as my gib v, I could never part with it. Here's my guitar gear:

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Like I said, epi or gib you can't go wrong.
^what he said....i would never get rid of my v, feels and plays pretty damn good, and still looks cool
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