Ive only been playing alittle over a week and one of the strings is vibrating quite abit. I made sure that I was fingering it cleanly and it appeared like I was. I thought it was out of tune and so I tuned it but still to no avial. I just had this guitar set up at my local guitar store. Of course I have been playing for hours each day and so I am wondering if I have a string that needs replaced. It looks as if the string is vibrating off the frets along the neck. It certainly does not good. Any idea why this could be happening?
Do you mean that the string is rattling against the frets? If that's the case you'll probably need to adjust the action of your strings. Also, a few things that might help people tell you what's wrong: what kind of guitar is it, how old are the strings, and is the guitar itself something you got recently or just something you pulled out of the closet?
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that happens to me at some frets, its really annoying. i assume that the strings shouldnt need changing, its probably the fret.
Yep, sounds like you got some fret buzz. If your neck is bowed you might need the truss rod adjusted. That happended to my first guitar, the action was super high but the high E string was always on the frets. It was a POS guitar though. They ended up replacing that guitar.
I have a Squier Strat and I just bought it not more then a week ago and the strings were in good condition.
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yeah but new guitar strings make a rattle until they are stretched properly

on my guitar, my strat is fine, its my other one, my Crafter guitar, the strings buzz like hell, specially going up, round the 19th frets, on all the strings, and the strings aren't relatively "new" i would think they have been on there for at least a year
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Raise the action a little bit, thats almost guaranteed to be the problem, or your neck is bowing, you can adjust the truss rod and that could fix it
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Raise the action a little bit, thats almost guaranteed to be the problem, or your neck is bowing, you can adjust the truss rod and that could fix it

Dude, he's been playing for a week, don't tell him to adjust the truss rod.

If the strings are new, they probably haven't been stretched properly (there's a guide to do that in the restringing thread). If they aren't they made need to be replaced. Since you've only just started, you may want to just take it to a shop and ask them what's wrong with it.
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Thanks for advice
Yes I will be taking into the shop on saturday. I was talking with the shop owner today and he told me that the 5A string must have settled abit after he had set up my guitar and so he would adjust that for me.