Xotic AC $120

Dunlop Original Crybaby (nib) $50

Line 6 Uber Metal $50

EHX DR Q $35

Toadworks Lil Leo $75

EHX English Muff'n $150

EHX Holy Stain $75

Seymour Duncan Distortion Set (bridge and neck/4 conductor) $100

Fender Highway 1 60th Anniversary American Telecaster-Bare knuckle piledriver set/professional fret level/crown/polish-$775

Prices are firm. PM me.
international shipping?
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Quote by axis56
international shipping?

Absolutely, just cover shipping and ill ship any of those items (ive shipped overseas more then 30 times)
Damnit used, if that was a BB and not an AC I'd be all over it. Xotic kicks ass.
More stuff for sale :

Ibanez GAX30,great condition, includes bag and strap-$100 shipped

Fender Frontman 15G, great condition-$45 shipped

Prime PGA20, good condition, a few nicks-Make an offer

Boss DS-1, like new with box(can be modded at additional cost)-$30 shipped
Kinda interested in that Ibanez, how much for shipping to Canada? (S0L 1R0)
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Quote by Used666
$130 shipped to Canada

Huh, my cousin has one just like that, if he wont sell it to me i may be in contact.
Ibanez SZ320
Peavey 6505+
Marshall 1960B
Dunlop Wah
Dano EQ
Guys, the Fender 15G is a great amp for beginners, great clean and decent distortion, and great quality too.
Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe
Boss DS-1
Crate GTD65

GAS List:
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster
hey, im really intrested in either the holy stain+dr. q or holy stain +crybaby. im going to talk to my mom about borrowing some money for shipping. would either of these deals intrest you for the dano? and if i found something to throw in would you consider a holy stain+ dr q+ crybaby deal?
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i'm interested in that duncan set, is there anyway i could get you to hold on to it for a little bit to i can get some cash together?
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Sorry i dont hold stuff, been burned a few times doing that. Feel free to get a hold of me when you have the cash. Who knows i might still have um.
Does the Line6 Uber Metal come with the dock?
Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe
Boss DS-1
Crate GTD65

GAS List:
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster
The Ibanez gio/2 amps/ds-1 are all OR BEST OFFER, I WILL take trades as well.
one seymour duncan distortion and muff'n?
Itunes podcast!
search DJ Shi

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Check your PM's, dude.
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Bump, anyone can make an offer on anything in the 2nd batch of stuff listed (Guitar/amps/DS-1)
Quote by Used666
$130 shipped to Canada

is that total $130, or 130 of shipping and 100 of the guitar. Im sorry im new at the classifieds.
I never saw you say "sold" on the GFS pickups you had a while back. Are they gone or still in play?
What do you like for trades?
I have a couple of good dirt boxes, and a cheap strat copy .

Hmm... i'll stay in contact though. Looks like some hot stuff, I just have to wait for some cash.
Call me Wes.
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Used666 is great to deal with,
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FFFDFEFRFKFFF,jeremylp,atreyurock9, noahfor, Vangkm, Used666, and sgtshak- great sellers/traders!!