that round screwy part at the jack socket (yes thats the technical term) has gone missing for my strat

so 1. can anyone tell me what this is called for future reference

and 2. where can i find a new one online? or a set just in case. im not interested in going to guitar shops because if im honest, i hate them and the people who work there.

cheers guys i hope you can help, its a pain in the arse plugging the lead in
its either the nut or the washer. you can get 100's of them at a hardware shop for very little money. just go and buy a packet of washers and/or nuts that are the correct size.
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Yep nut and washer, a washer should be used so be sure to get one...

If the jack fell into the guitar you will need to remove parts to hold it in place while you put the washer and nut back onto the jack.

If you know the size and thread type you can get these parts at a home depot or hardware store to save money as MF charges shipping for small items like these...
a washer? **** i didnt have one of them on bfore (might have lost it ages ago) ok cheers guys! ill go to the hardware store. anyone know the size and thread type of the ones used for MIM strats? to save time?