Hey guys, I'm buyin' a bass soon and I'm in a bit of a pickle.
At first I was sure that I was gonna buy a Fender P or Jazz bass, but then I tried so many different ones in my price range, and I wasn't too fond of them.
Later on I fell upon a Laguna Ocean bass (Which is weird because I thought I hated Laguna because I hate all of their guitars)
But NOW I've seen a Schecter J bass, but I can't find one to play anywhere!
Any feedback on this bass?
Or maybe they're some basses/brands that you would recommend?
My price range is from $400-750 (850 tops!)

I know you've all seen these threads before but my search bar NEVER works!

Thanks a lot guys
the search bar is not like itunes, you must press enter after you type in your entry, hope that helps your problem, oh and schecter basses are known to be a bit more metal

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Everything you've wanted to know about Schecters and more:

With that kind of money I would look at a Schecter Stiletto (I've heard many good things), or for other brands maybe take a look at Ibanez. Those are my personal favorite mid-range brands. Especially since you've already vetoed a Fender.
My advice. Save more and get a high end bass, and skip out 'mid-range' altogether. As nice as the new bass will fell compared to the old one, in a year or so, you will probably begin suffering from GAS again.

Get a great bass that will feasably last you a lifetime, and then you save wasting the money on a bass you will buy, but ina few years are unlikely to pick up again.
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