right, ive just downloaded an album from rapidshare.

and i upload it to my itunes, and it works and stufffffff.

but ive got an bit of an ocd, so EVERY album has to have a cd cover, but however, it says in the artwork box 'album artwork not modified'... ive put the picture in and when i click save, nothing changes :/

if i try to do them on their own, there isn't even an artwork tab.

help me please.

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Convert 'em to something else then

Whenever I download something off there, and that happens, i just right click the song, then convert to mp3, then it works fine
im just like you, its ****ing annoying. when i do that, i redownload an album from a different source. i dont use rapishare, torrents all the way. get azureus-vuze and isohunt.com, best 2 things of your life. minus sex and booze
How can you be an ocd?
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