I have grown tired of my Fender Frontman 15watt and its nasty tones so I was wondering if you could help me out.

I have come up with two ideas between these two...



But I am not sure as I am not very experienced wwith guitar gear. Can you guys help me please? And if you know of a better option for <£140 can you suggest some but it has too be available in the UK.

I mainly play Buckethead and Melodic/Death Metal.

Thanks anyone that helps.
Umm, for melodic/death metal, look at a Roland Cube of some sort. The Vox would be good, but I don't think it can get that level of distortion.

I don't really know anything about the Peavey, but I think it's ok? Anyway, look used. You might get a lot better amp that way.
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I have that Vox and its great. Some say the cube competitor handles the higher gain stuff better, but I've never tried a cube so I couldn't tell ya. The Vox has all the basic effects you'll ever need, and is pretty solid overall. I will say though that some people have had input problems and just today I got home to find my brother 'accidentally tore the input off.'
I've got a roland cube and the vox you have pictured. The peavey doesnt sound as good as either of them really.... The Vox is an excellent choice to be honest. Its got some great tones, great effects.

But once turned up to high volume, it loses its great tone, and generally sucks at highest volume. The roland keeps its tone better at high volume. And it's actually louder.

However, has no effects. The models sound great though.

I'd suggest go for the Vox overall. Allows a better range of tone and volume.
Since you like Metal in general, would be better The clean amp sounds arent so sweet though...
If you can afford it, the Roland Cube 60 would be an awesome choice. If not, the Cube 30X is still a great amp. Just won't be able to get as loud, and if you plan on joining a band anytime soon, the 30X just won't cut it. So keep that in mind.

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